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I have pelvic organ prolapse- can VPT help?

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by Vibrance

I have pelvic organ prolapse- can VPT help?

The VPT may be able to help with pelvic organ prolapse, however, this needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis by your OBGYN. If the prolapse is mild, strengthening the pelvic floor with the VPT can help prevent it from deteriorating further and may allow you to avoid the need for surgery.


However, the VPT cannot reverse severe organ prolapse, and the prolapse may block the VPT from being positioned inside the vaginal canal. In this case, your OBGYN will recommend a surgery to treat the prolapse. After the surgery, strengthening the pelvic floor with VPT ensures that the prolapse will not occur again. If you are considering the VPT to help with prolapse, do consult with your OBGYN. Please feel free to send us the contact information of your OBGYN if you would like us to furnish him or her with the latest clinical information on the VPT to help them give you the right advice. OBGYN information can be sent to us at


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