vibrance pelvic trainer

Women worldwide are experiencing better pelvic health with Vibrance!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Lisa M. says, “The Vibrance Pelvic Trainer works better than Kegel exercises your doctor told you to do by yourself. The VPT and the training sheaths provide much more than normal pelvic exercises offer. Vibrance is an exercise device not a sex toy, but it still is simple and fun to use. The best part is it really works.”

Carrie H. says, “It is user-friendly and easy to use. I compared different pelvic devices and the VPT was the only one I found that is both clinically proven effective and also has FDA approval. I love the vibration feedback because it encourages me that I am exercising the right pelvic muscles. It’s great to be able to monitor my own progress with the Vibrance training sheaths. A double plus!”

Sandy H. says, “I have always done pelvic exercises and I don’t have any issues with sex or bladder control. My sex life was fine, but after using the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer, I can say that I never knew my sex life could be so good. After childbirth sex was not what it used to be and Vibrance has made a wonderful difference. My orgasms are much more intense since doing my pelvic exercise with the trainer. Not only has the VPT intensified my pleasure, my husband can tell the difference, too. It has made our sex life so much better.”

Tara S. says, “Within two weeks of using the VPT my incontinence symptoms had improved. By four weeks of using the Vibrance daily I was no longer experiencing bladder leaks. I am so grateful that there is a device like this that can help women with bladder control problems. Whether it is pelvic issues stemming from stretching pelvic muscles in pregnancy and delivery or weak pelvic muscles from aging, using the VPT to keep everything in place and your pelvic muscles strong is definitely the way to go.”

Joan A. says, “Having a pelvic muscle device to help you strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles is nothing short of amazing. I have tried doing Kegel exercises on my own several times but never felt I was making progress, not to mention being unsure as to whether I was doing them right or not. Vibrance was recommended to me by a friend. I checked it out online and saw rave reviews for it. It really helps because the device gives the pelvic muscles something to work against. I feel the improvement and so does my husband. I highly recommend it.”