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How does the VPT ease and prevent backache ?

Posted on: June 18th, 2015 by Vibrance

How does the VPT ease and prevent backache?

On top of supporting your pelvic organs, the pelvic floor muscles are also responsible for holding the backbone in place and act as a firm and stable foundation for it to rest on. When your pelvic floor muscles are weak, not only are they unable to hold the backbone in place, they are also unable to evenly distribute the pressure and stress from everyday activities like lifting and bending. This causes great tension to be focused on your back, causing a huge strain on your lower back in the long run.
While many factors can lead to backache, if you experience perpetual backache, you could be experiencing a symptom of a weak pelvic floor as opposed to having an actual problem with your back.

The VPT helps ease backache by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to increase their support for the back and hold it in the right position, preventing it from leading to other back related problems and aches.


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